Can You Truly Overcome Addiction?

Overcome Addiction

For many years, doctors and psychologist thought that there was no way to overcome addiction. They believed that for a person to avoid using drugs or drinking alcohol the person must be kept under lock and key in a jail cell or insane asylum. Although doctors were able to help people get sober, they weren’t able to keep them sober. This failure happens because addicts have an overwhelming mental obsession and physical craving that causes them to use even though they know it has been destroying their lives.

Is there a Cure for Addiction?

After years of research, there is still no known cure for addiction. Once a person is an addict, they most likely will always be an addict if their disease is severe enough. Many people thought that users were making selfish decisions and could stop if they wanted to, but addiction has recently been classified as a legitimate mental illness. There are regularly studies about how people can overcome addiction, but the best thing a person can do is go through an evidence-based treatment process.

What is Evidence-Based Treatment to Overcome Addiction?

There are hundreds to thousands of treatment programs around the country that claim they can help cure a person of their addiction, but many of them have no scientific evidence for their claims. The unfortunate truth is that it doesn’t take much for a person to start a recovery program because you don’t need a specific license to do so. Some programs believe that an addict who spends enough time in nature will recover from their addiction, but no evidence supports this.

Some treatment centers use evidence-based treatment, which means their methods have been backed by science. This evidence happens when medical universities and medical journals verify the results of the methods and agree that they are beneficial for addicts. Once of the best evidence-based treatments is cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of approach isn’t only for addicts either. It has also been used to treat people with other types of mental illnesses by making the person repeat the same actions over and over.

No Quick Way to Overcome Addiction

When a person begins to repeat these measures, their cravings and immediate reactions to situations will start to change. There are also some medications that can help stop cravings, like Naltrexone, but they aren’t a cure for addiction. If a person wants to drink or use bad enough, they will stop taking their medication and continue to use.

The truth is that there is no quick cure for addiction.  It takes time, patience, and a strong desire to be free from the substance. A person can overcome addiction through an inpatient treatment program.  If you would like information about our inpatient program, please call our toll-free number today.

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