Rehabilitation Services: Primary Choices and Options

Rehabilitation Services

The road to recovery from substance abuse and addiction is a long and often painful one. However, there are a plethora of rehabilitation services available that are designed for the sole purpose of assisting you in your recovery, hopefully making it a little easier along the way. When considering a rehabilitation service, it’s important to look at all of the various options, to find the specific one that is right for you. As such, here’s a brief look at the many rehabilitation services that you can choose.

Inpatient Treatment and Rehabilitation Services

Inpatient treatment is one of the leading rehabilitation services available and is commonly utilized directly after the detoxification process. Inpatient services typically take place at some form of a rehab center, where the patient will stay for a set period, usually somewhere around one to three months. Those that use this rehabilitation service will be grouped with others that are attempting to recover from drug abuse as well. You will find that the program revolves around both group and personal therapy, in which you will eventually find the means of accepting and recovering from your addiction.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is used by recovering drug abusers in some instances, though usually directly after inpatient treatment. With this form of rehabilitation service, you will be tasked with visiting a rehab facility for set periods to undergo treatment and group therapy sessions. These courses tend to involve two primary forms of treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family therapy.

The former focuses on helping patients to avoid the temptations that arise in everyday life that could lead to a relapse and further drug addiction even after the initial recovery. Family therapy is used in the case of teenagers that are recovering drug abusers. If this refers to you or someone you know, this would be a useful form of rehabilitation, as it helps to foster positive changes to the familial relationships and home environment of the recovering addict.

Extended Care Rehabilitation Services

Another recovery service that recovering addicts have access to includes what is known as extended care rehab. This type of rehabilitation is also often known as long term recovery and is essentially a lengthier type of inpatient treatment that can last all the way from two months to two years. This rehabilitation service is designed for those who expect or already know that they are going to have a harder time with recovery than most and seek the type of treatment that will ensure a slow, but effective rehabilitation. This treatment option is typically afforded to those who have tried other rehabilitation services and have found that they are not nearly as effective as they had hoped.

For anyone that has already relapsed once or some times, this rehabilitation service is the right choice for you, as long as you are ready and willing to make such a long term commitment, as it makes changes to your everyday life. Within this type of rehabilitation service, the form of treatment often varies. For instance, some may focus on group therapy and activities, while others focus on personal one-on-one therapy sessions. This service is unique as there are extended care options designed specifically for teens or women. These allow for a more direct approach to therapy and recovery.

Support Groups

Support groups are the perfect type of rehabilitation services for those that have already completed an inpatient or outpatient program, as they allow for further rehabilitation, which can help in avoiding a relapse. The great thing about a support group is that it can take place anywhere and at any time. These groups are designed as a means for a group of people that have gone through the same type of drug abuse and recovery to gather and basically, keep each other accountable and encourage one another to stay on the path of recovery. This service is particularly useful in creating a sense of community that you might have received in inpatient care, but have since missed now that that care is over.

How Rehabilitation Services Benefit You

Inpatient treatment provides a wealth of advantages to every addict that is looking for the best means of recovery. This treatment places you directly into a rehab facility for a month or two, away from the drugs and the bad influences you likely encountered in the outside world. As such, you can begin your path to recovery, surrounded by those that have gone through drug abuse and the resulting detoxification. If you are looking for a way to recover, inpatient treatment is the best rehabilitation service available.

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2 comments on “Rehabilitation Services: Primary Choices and Options

i have been struggling for years with alcohol and other substances. I am coming up on 44 years old and want to be around for my kids, grandkids, and my aging parents. My area does not offer great rehab services, I have been through three different programs over the years and nothing sticks. Last time, most of my time was spent walking the halls of the hospital with nothing but my racing mind to keep my company. Not productive. My issue is my isurance and how to fund what I truly need. I am at the end of my rope and want more than anything to pull myself togther for my loved ones once and for all. I need help that is not available in my area. I will do what I have to do to make my recovery work. Could you please send me some information on your program? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

It’s great that you’ve mentioned more about outpatient therapy service and how it requires the client to visit the rehab facility for set periods to undergo treatment and group therapy sessions, and incorporates family therapy as well. I believe that is the best treatment for people who will benefit from both behavioral therapy and familial involvement when it comes to motivating them to become better in controlling their urges. Thanks for this information about the outpatient therapy service and who is this suited for.

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