Can Teaching Your Child Life Skills Prevent Future Drug Abuse?

Teaching Your Child Life Skills

Our children are our future. They are the ones who will lead the rest of the world in the direction it goes in. We have a great responsibility as parents, teachers, family members, and friends of a family, to set a good example for our kids and teach them love, care, compassion, tolerance, and responsibility. By teaching your child life skills, you are giving them one of the best gifts you can give.

Critical Life Skills

There are life skills that can be taught by way of examples set; children observe a lot. They are in the learning stages of life, and if there is one thing that they know how to do and could teach us, adults, a lesson about, that would be observation. They look, watch, see, think, copy, try, and repeat, and then they do what they saw. In essence, you are teaching your child life skills without even knowing it.

Practicing excellent communication, listening attentively while allowing another to have a viewpoint of their own, whether you agree or not, is an excellent example of proper communication. “I heard you,” “That’s great,” “I see,” “OK,” are all ways of showing that you were listening to what they had to say and that they are important. Then, you can begin to contribute to the conversation and share your ideas with the person.

Practicing good communication directly with your child can do wonders, practicing it in your day to day life with other people will not only improve your relationships with them but your kid will observe and practice and duplicate it. One of the most important skills in life is communication. You can start right away, or you can look for and take a class or course on building success through communication.

You can start teaching your child life skills step by step by sitting down and going over something with them as many times as they need and making it routine for them. Something routine would be personal hygiene, a necessary life skill, teaching your kid to take care of their body by grooming it correctly, taking baths, brushing teeth, and so on.

Ways of Teaching Your Child Life Skills

One of the most critical ways of teaching your child life skills is by communicating what it is to a child and why you are doing it and see if it makes sense to the child. An everyday example of this will be if you explain to a child why you look both ways and hold someone’s hand before crossing a street rather than if you just grab their hand and force them to give it to you because you say so.

Children are very easy to get along with and to teach; they just require love and gentle, genuine communication. They live to please and be sweet as that is their way of showing gratitude. When they give you a drawing or a flower or a big smile, or a cute expressive and dynamic explanation of something, they are sharing themselves and exchanging what they have to offer for the food, shelter, guidance, safety, and love that you give them. It is important not to turn away from that gift, even if it is something as seemingly insignificant as a rock.

There are critical skills that you can teach your child which will allow him or her to better cope in life and to learn about responsibility for themselves and others, which would help them to see that using drugs would be destructive to themselves, their life, and others’ lives around them.

Life Skills List

There are many life skills you should teach your child to help them to grow up making good decisions and to prevent the potential for drug abuse.

There is the essential skill set for taking care of the body:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Proper sleep
  • Eating nutritious meals
  • Exercise (which lucky for you they tend to do lots of naturally)

Their relationship skills:

  • Treating others with respect
  • Treating others with tolerance
  • Treating others with compassion
  • Treating others with manners
  • Good communication

There are those skills for finances:

  • Teaching a kid where money comes from
  • Explaining the meaning of fair exchange
  • Why one has a job
  • What it means to have purpose when working
  • How to save money

Studying skills:

  • The importance of learning and study
  • Spending time at something with a goal
  • Picking a subject, they want to learn
  • How to read and write
  • How to research
  • Making sure they understand what they are studying about
  • Asking questions about what they are studying
  • How to apply what they learned

Drug Education:

  • Teaching them the truth about drugs
  • What drugs do to the body
  • What drugs do to the mind
  • You don’t have to experience something personally to learn about it
  • What different drugs there are and what harmful effects they cause
  • How drugs can ruin someone’s life
  • How drugs can make someone crazy
  • How drugs can be addicting
  • Why people turn to drugs (i.e., peer pressure, loss, medical drug addiction, etc.)
  • How to avoid situations where one could turn to drugs

Prevent Drug Abuse

We can prevent drug abuse in our children and limit the exposure of drugs to the world by giving our children a stable, loving, rewarding, and educated lifestyle. Children are our future; we can change the future by helping our children to grow in safe, caring, and tolerant environments. Learning life skills is necessary to live life well. Drug addiction can be limited in the world through education, compassion, tolerance, and love.

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