When Can an Addict Say That They are Recovered?

Recover From Addiction

This is a question asked by addicts as well as the average person when it comes to addiction. In recent years, addiction has been classified as a legitimate mental illness. The source of addiction comes from an abnormal prefrontal cortex, which doesn’t ever fully heal. There are many addicts who have been sober for months or years that have a different way of talking about their sobriety. Some say that they’re in recovery and others say that they have recovered.  So, can a person fully recover from addiction?

The best way to think about addiction is to relate it to other chronic illnesses like diabetes or cancer. People can recover from both of these illnesses, but there is always the potential for relapse. For those who go through chemotherapy, they may get a clean bill of health saying that all of the cancer is no longer visible in their system, but there’s still a possibility that it may return.

Can Someone Fully Recover from Addiction?

Although the cancer patient may have recovered from the state they were once in, there’s always the possibility of the cancer returning. This person must follow the directions of their doctor in order to have the best chances of avoiding a relapse. The same can be said for those who suffer from addiction.

To this day, there’s no known cure for addiction, but millions of people have recovered. These people have gone through treatment programs or have done other methods to get sober. They can maintain their sobriety, but it often takes a lot of work. Many addicts find that their drinking or using was only part of the problem. It was their way of living that lead them to the alcohol or drugs.  To fully recover from addiction, they will need to make some lifestyle changes.

The Obsession has Been Lifted

Addiction is a mental obsession and physical craving. Most addicts drink or use when they don’t want to because they have acted on impulses or have compulsions to drink or use. Usually, when an addict takes the first drink or drug, that obsession and craving kick in. All they can think about is taking the next drink or finding more drugs. When they’re out of alcohol or drugs, they feel anxious, and all they can think about is how to obtain more.

After some time in sobriety, the obsession is lifted, and this may be what addicts speak of when they say that they have recovered. Over time, the brain begins to heal as the addict replaces their old habits with new ones. One day, they wake up and realize that their intense cravings and mental obsession to drink or use are gone. This is an extremely freeing experience for most addicts.

Much like the cancer patient, addicts should continue to seek help even after the obsession has been lifted. They can do this by ensuring that they maintain good mental health. Different treatment centers offer aftercare programs for their alumni, and an addict can also move into a sober living home where they can feel more comfortable before transitioning back into the world.

If you would like more information on how to fully recover from addiction, contact Awakenings today at our toll-free number.

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