Tips for Having a Great Summer Without Drugs or Alcohol

How to Have Fun Sober

Summer is almost here, and it brings the promise of long days and more time to have fun in the sun.  For many people, summer activities include backyard BBQs, beach parties, music festivals, and more.  Indulging in alcohol or drugs also seems to be high on the list of events.  If you are a recovering addict, you may be wondering how to have fun sober.  You don’t need to worry about feeling left out, though.  It is possible to have a great time with people who don’t drink or do drugs.  Remember that you are doing this to protect your sobriety.

Making Plans for a Sober Summer

Getting caught in a situation where drugs or alcohol are prevalent can undo all your hard work if you don’t have a sound plan for handling those types of surprises.

For your protection, make an effort to do some of the things on the following list to help you stay on track this summer:

  • Be aware of your triggers:  You know what makes you feel most like relapsing, so plan to cut these activities out of your summer schedule.
  • Create a plan for fun:  You might end up at a party or picnic that includes drugs or alcohol, so plan to take a sober friend along with you for support.
  • Get involved in a new project:  Take a class or learn a new skill or hobby.  Plan regularly scheduled summer-long activities such as swimming, hiking, exercise classes.
  • Spend more time with sober friends:  Staying busy with sober people is a great way to get accustomed to your new lifestyle.
  • Get a summer job:  This is a great way to learn a new skill, add to your resume, and explore new career options.  Be sure the job isn’t one where its easy for employees to sneak around and get high.
  • Become a volunteer:  Now that you’re sober, you may have too much free time to fill.  Try volunteering in community projects.  Giving back to others is a great way to build self-esteem. You could also become a sponsor for someone who is in a self-help or 12-step program.

Of course, there are many other ways to stay busy and on the right path during the summer.  Some organizations offer things like sober cruises, sober music festivals, sober tours of distant cities, and more.  These activities give you a chance to explore the world and meet new, sober friends.

Reward Yourself for Learning How to Have Fun Sober

You’ve come a long way, and need to be proud of your accomplishments.  Getting sober and staying sober take a considerable amount of effort.  You should reward yourself for learning how to have fun sober.  Involve your support group and plan a special day doing something you love such as a water park or street fair.  Or, spend some quality time with the ones you love.  Staying sober doesn’t have to be all hard work.  When you find that you’re enjoying life more than ever before, you know you made the right choice.

Other Tips for Getting Through a Sober Summer

With drugs and alcohol as prevalent in society as they are today, you won’t always be able to avoid being around people who imbibe.

Some ways to help you stick to your decision to get sober include:

  1. Remember why you stopped drinking or using. Don’t lose sight of the image of the sober person you wanted to become.
  2. If you find yourself tempted to partake of drugs or alcohol, think about what will happen next.  Would it lead to more?  Would you regret it tomorrow?
  3. Have a backup plan.  This can include taking your own non-alcoholic beverages or having an escape route planned in case you want to leave.

You’ll learn to appreciate your ability to stay in control of your sobriety.  With each accomplishment, your self-respect improves.  When you learn how to have fun sober, it opens up a whole new world for you and your loved ones.

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