Finding Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

Though it is true that drug and alcohol addiction has grown to be a very alarming issue in this country, it is also true that many attempts have been made to do something about this problem and to effectively address it. Substance abuse is a growing problem in this nation. However, some individuals who have a spiritual background find that when they get back to their roots of spirituality, they find an inner strength that helps them in fighting their addictions. Spirituality in addiction recovery has been found to be the answer for many individuals.

Applying Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

When a person finds that they can apply their spirituality in addiction recovery, they can ask a higher power to help them as they try to recover from addiction. Many individuals find this to be very comforting as they are searching and working towards sobriety and freedom from addiction. When a person is in a faith-based treatment program, they can attend bible studies and be counseled by ministers who direct them back to their faith. Most treatment facilities even have church services which clients can attend if they feel they want to participate in church activities.

Many people who have grown up with religion and faith, but have become addicted to a substance and therefore, may feel that they have been a disappointment to family members and to God because of this addiction. However, with a faith-based recovery program, they can regain their spirituality in addiction recovery and carry this with them throughout their recovery process.

How Spirituality Works in a Treatment Program

Addiction treatment programs in faith-based treatment centers work much in the same way that treatment programs in non-spiritual facilities work. Individuals are taught the same skills and given the same tools to avoid temptation and triggers when recovering from addiction. They go through the detoxification process just as any other patient who first enters treatment for addiction.

The difference is that they simply add their relationship with God and their faith to the mix when going through counseling and group sessions. Each individual has their own spirituality in addiction treatment that comforts and supports them through their recovery process. Many individuals get back to their relationships with other spiritual people who lend support and encouragement as they get back to their life of sobriety and well-being.

Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

A big part of beating addiction is in finding spirituality in recovery.  This is the part of a recovery program that essentially helps a person to really free themselves from even the most brutal of addictions, and it is this approach more so than anything else that assists them in truly freeing themselves from addiction for life.  With spirituality in addiction recovery, people are able to build a base of strength and effective tools for triumphing over even the harshest of addictions.

Spirituality in addiction recovery is a type of treatment program that can be chosen in almost any addiction treatment facility.  While beating addiction is a tough battle, an inpatient addiction treatment center that approaches addiction from a perspective which will benefit you, the client, is one that can truly be an asset to your recovery.

Contact Awakenings for a Program Designed for Your Needs

Whether you choose to find your spirituality in addiction recovery or if you prefer some other type of treatment, a program can be designed that will fit your individual needs and preferences. Don’t continue down the path of addiction you are on today. Call one of our addiction specialists to learn more about a faith-based or some other type of treatment program for your needs. There are many from which you can choose. To get started, contact Awakenings today.

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