Alcohol Addiction and the Muscular System

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is cunning, baffling and powerful. Research has found that drinking excessive quantities of alcohol affects the body in many ways. For those who have a beer after work or one cocktail at a party, there is no need to worry; the amount of alcohol you are consuming is not going to damage your body. But, for those who start out having one drink after work and don’t stop until the bar closes day after day, the effects are going to be significant. These individuals are suffering from alcohol addiction.

The problem is that people who are in alcohol addiction, both men and women, do not want to hear what might stand in the way of their drink or drug of choice because they don’t have any other answers for their life. The information would save them from years of pain and medical assistance, but the true alcoholic continues drinking even though a voice deep inside is telling them they should stop.

The cigarette smoker also suffers from an addiction like a person with alcohol addiction. Anyone who is addicted to a substance that they can’t put down typically won’t pay any attention to health warnings, but they are real, and if followed, they could ultimately save them from a painful life.

The chronic smoker has heard thousands of times what could develop because of smoking, such as lung cancer and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), yet they keep on smoking only to suffer from these diseases; they cannot even stop when the diseases arise. When sane, normal people do not take notice of legitimate and scientific research, this is a sure sign that addiction has taken over because they can’t imagine living without their substance of choice.

How Alcohol Addiction Affects Your Muscular System

When drinking isn’t fun anymore, this is a good indication that alcohol has turned into a substance that is damaging the organs, muscles, and brain of the body. When alcohol of any type – beer, wine or liquor – is consumed, it is toxic to the blood system. This means that it works against the good health and proper function of the body.

Alcohol circulates and is absorbed into the muscles and organs just like fresh, clean water or 100 percent fruit juice. The muscles absorb the toxic fluid, and the alcohol-laden fluids begin to physically damage the muscles and organs because they aren’t getting any nutrition to strengthen the body.

Muscular and Other Problems From Over-drinking

Research has found many issues that are the result of over-drinking. Here is a list of muscular problems that are common:

  • Muscle cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Numbness
  • Losing muscle coordination because the muscles can no longer react to the brain’s commands

The liver is a well-known organ that is negatively affected because of alcohol, along with:

  • Pancreas
  • Stomach distress
  • Infertility
  • Other sexual dysfunctions
  • Heart damage
  • Lung infections
  • Cancer

As the substance circulates it affects the entire body.

Alcohol Affects the Brain, and Behavior is Obviously Affected

The reason most people over-drink is for the effects, which include slurred speech, reduced morals, and loss of memory. Normal drinkers do not like these feelings, but alcoholics chase them and unfortunately, these temporary reactions that the brain experiences due to the alcohol become permanent. These effects change your brain’s reaction time and other behaviors, which come from a shrinking brain. Eventually, alcohol constantly moving through the brain leads to a non-functioning wet brain.

There is A Way Out For You

These are not pleasant conditions for anyone to go through and fortunately the answer for anyone who has found themselves drinking too much is to just stop. This may sound drastic, but there is help for those who want to put down drugs and alcohol for a healthier, happier life.

Quitting an addiction such as drugs or alcohol is almost impossible to do on your own. Today, a rehabilitation center will give you professional help as you learn to live an alcohol-free life with others who are quitting. You don’t have to stay in the environment that led you to over-drink in the first place. A rehab facility is centered around others who want to stop the addiction. You will feel very comfortable. Don’t allow your body to self-destruct; get with others, stop the addiction and live a good life.

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