The Dangers of Cocaine Addiction

Dangers of Cocaine

One of the dangers of cocaine addiction is that many people are addicted and don’t even realize it. When a person uses cocaine, their whole body goes into overdrive. Their heart rate increases and they talk faster, move faster, and think more quickly. Cocaine is popular as a party drug. People use cocaine because it helps lessen the effects of alcohol. Users can drink longer and stay up all night, which makes many cocaine addicts believe that they like to party.

Eventually, the effects of cocaine begin to wear off like any other drug. A person coming down from cocaine will feel sad or even depressed. This is why many people start abusing the drug because the high makes them feel better. It’s common for people with clinical depression or anxiety to turn to cocaine to feel well, but eventually, it stops having the same effect, as they have become dependent and addicted.

Cocaine Can Cause Withdrawal

Much like any other drug, cocaine can cause symptoms of withdrawal. This happens because the body is used to the person snorting or injecting cocaine on a regular basis. It goes into a state of shock when the person stops. The brain and neurotransmitters begin to misfire, which can cause the person to feel nervous, restless, depressed and paranoid. Another one of the dangers of cocaine abuse is that It’s also common for people to become very angry or violent when they’re going through withdrawal.

Aside from the mental and emotional issues with cocaine, the drug drastically affects the heart. Cocaine causes the heart rate to speed up, so it’s overworked. The heart is only meant to take so much stress, so it’s weakened as a person continues to use cocaine. When they’re going through withdrawal, the heart rate speeds up again, which can be potentially dangerous.

Recovering from the Dangers of Cocaine

Cocaine helps a person deal with life because they never learned how to do so in a healthy way. Cocaine addicts need to go to a qualified addiction treatment center to overcome their addiction and learn how to deal with life more effectively. It may take days or weeks for their body to completely detox, but they’ll be medically supervised at the rehab center.

Once their mind is clear, they can begin the rehabilitation process where they’ll attend one-on-one therapy sessions. The therapist will offer a non-judgmental point of view and learn about why the person started and continued using cocaine. Many addicts have deeper emotional problems and have turned to cocaine to deal with them. The therapist will offer guidance and suggestions along with different treatment methods to teach the person how to live a happier life without the use of cocaine.

Group therapy also helps cocaine addicts because they’ll see that they aren’t alone, and it’s possible for the recovering addicts to have fun and socialize without the use of mind-altering substances. This is highly beneficial for those who had social anxiety and were using cocaine as a social lubricant. Some of the relationships they make in the treatment center will carry on after discharge so they have a support group that can help them when they’re enduring hard times.

Get Help for Cocaine Addiction at Awakenings Rehabilitation

If you would like to free your life from the dangers of cocaine abuse and addiction, please contact us today at Awakenings Rehabilitation.  We will provide a confidential assessment and help you chose the program that is best for your needs.

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