5 Real Life Lessons About Alcoholism

Life Lessons About Alcoholism

Life lessons are not always the easiest parts of our lives as we mature and grow older. But somehow we learn to respect them and be grateful for them. Some things come to us quickly while others are hard lessons to learn. Sometimes we start on a road that we do not perceive as wrong.  However, when we do finally grasp the experience in it all, we can correct the error. Life lessons about alcoholism are some of the hardest to learn.

The impressions we make on others can linger on in their minds for a long time, especially if we meet them in a drinking and partying environment. Let’s face it; some individuals can drink alcohol socially and be no worse for it. Others become entirely different people when drinking alcohol.

Life Lessons About Alcoholism

Some of these life lessons about alcoholism are heartbreaking and embarrassing.

Here is a list of a few life lessons about alcoholism:

  • Bad reputations can be hard to outlive.

Once you get a reputation for being obnoxious while drinking, people will turn in the other direction when they see you coming. As mentioned before, some people can drink socially and be complete ladies and gentlemen. Then others, drink and become someone completely different from their sober self. They become angry, loud, and disruptive in any environment.

You may gain a reputation for getting drunk frequently. Once you start drinking daily or drinking to the point of intoxication every time you drink, you will undoubtedly offend others and say hurtful things to them. You may even do worse things to them than only speaking hurtful words.

  • Dangerous risk-taking has consequences.

Anyone who is an alcohol abuser or struggles with alcoholism takes unnecessary risks. For instance, driving while under the influence of alcohol not only endangers your life, it also endangers the lives of your friends and even strangers. If you are lucky, this is one life lesson you will learn before something tragic happens to you, someone you love, or an innocent victim or victims on the road. Never drink alcohol while driving a vehicle.

Other risk-taking actions while intoxicated include having unprotected sex. When drinking large amounts of alcohol, you do not think about the consequences that can come from having unprotected sex with a friend or with a stranger. You can end up with an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease. You may wake up in the morning after a night out and not even know you had sex with someone.

  • Drinking alcohol does not make your problems go away!

Another of the life lessons about alcoholism which people learn the hard way is that drinking alcohol does not erase your problems. Many individuals drink alcohol to avoid thinking about problems they may have in their lives. They drink to forget past traumatic experiences they have had. We soon learn that no amount of alcohol can make these problems or experiences go away. We have to learn how to handle our emotions and issues without alcohol. Alcohol only adds more problems and issues to our lives including losing family and friends.

  • Broken relationships that can never heal.

Once you have become a regular drinker and are, in fact, an alcoholic, you will lose many valued relationships with family and friends. Some of these can be repaired while others may be lost forever. People can only put up with a “drunk” for so long and then they walk away — some for good. After a while, apologies get old and don’t mean anything. Friends and family know that it means nothing to you except an attempt at another chance to hurt or otherwise offend them. After a while, your apology means nothing to them because they know you are not sincere even though you may think that you are.

  • You are the only person responsible for your actions.

One of the most important lessons learned about alcoholism is that you are responsible for your actions, drunk or sober. You can only blame being drunk for your actions for a short period. After that, the excuse is lame. People think, “If you are going to act like that, then you shouldn’t drink.” In fact, they are right.  If you can’t drink alcohol and maintain your respectful ways, you shouldn’t drink.

Professional Help is Available for Alcoholism

If you are experiencing some of the many life lessons about alcoholism, there is still time for you to stop the struggle. Only you can make the decision that you need professional help to stop drinking  There are many inpatient addiction treatment facilities who can design a program for you complete with detoxification and an aftercare program to help you through your early recovery period and adjusting to sober living away from the facility.

Don’t wait any longer.  Contact one of our representatives at Awakenings Rehabilitation today to learn more about the programs we offer at our facility. There is one that will fit your individual needs and preferences. Start your road to recovery now.


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