What You Need to Know About Choosing a Drug Rehab Program

Choosing a Drug Rehab

Choosing a drug rehab program can be a confusing and frustrating process.  Whether you’re searching for a treatment facility for yourself or a loved one, you want to be sure you’ll find one that meets your expectations and needs. The abundance of information about rehabs can make you feel overwhelmed when it comes to narrowing it down to one facility.  Here is some information may be helpful in your search.

Determine Your Rehab Goals and Needs 

The first step in choosing a drug rehab is to determine your specific needs and preferences.  Do you prefer private rooms, open-ended programs, and non-religious approaches? Or are the traditional programs your choice?  Only you can make this determination on what is right for you. Also, you’ll want to decide if you need an outpatient or inpatient program. 

The following options in treatment programs are available:

  • Residential Programs – Provide 24/7 medical and clinical services with highly structured activities in a non-hospital setting that help clients develop personal accountability and responsibility and examine and replace the negative thought patterns that contributed to their addiction.
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) – Provide treatment 5-days per week, 6-hours per day. Therapy involves techniques to help individuals reintegrate into a sober lifestyle. Clients learn practical coping skills for relapse prevention.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) – Provide treatment 9-20 hours per week.  The Medical and Clinical Directors supervise the daily assessment of needs.  Therapy includes educational and group activities and helps patients develop recovery skills to maintain a substance-free lifestyle.  

Of course, before entering any of the above programs, you will be required to undergo detox in a medically supervised facility.  Many treatment facilities provide on-site detox, which is beneficial as it allows patients to transition more easily from detox to rehab.

It’s also important to point out that addiction specialists strongly recommend an inpatient treatment program because they are proven to provide more lasting results.

Determine Your Preference in Treatment Methods

Fortunately, today’s addiction treatment programs are more advanced and individualized than in the past few decades.  For instance, you can choose a traditional, faith-based, 12-step, self-help, or Indigenous/Native American approach to therapy.  You won’t have to try to adjust to a treatment method that makes you uncomfortable.  

You also need to determine whether a dual-diagnosis treatment program is best for your needs.  This type of program addresses co-occurring mental health disorders along with the addiction. Talk with your physician or an addiction counselor who can assess your needs in this area.

Why You’ll Need an Aftercare Program

While in rehab, you are sheltered from the stress and temptations of daily life.  Stepping back out into the real world can seem intimidating. You’ve had 24/7 support and guidance during your time in treatment, but will you be able to make your way in life as a sober person without relapsing?  Studies show that many recovering addicts who relapse do so within the first ninety days after leaving rehab.  However, in most cases, these individuals weren’t taking advantage of the services offered by a supportive aftercare program.

Many aftercare programs assist with:

  • Housing and transportation
  • Childcare
  • Education
  • Finding employment
  • Help with legal issues
  • Building new social networks
  • Learning how to engage in healthy relationships

Additionally, an aftercare program offers counseling and support when the person needs advice or encouragement.  The goal of these programs is to help recovering individuals transition back into their communities and avoid relapse.

All in all, the types of aftercare programs include support groups, outpatient programs, sober living facilities, and more.  The appropriate kind of aftercare for you depends on your specific needs following rehab.

If you would like help choosing a drug rehab, please contact us at Awakenings Rehabilitation.  One of our representatives is on hand to assist you in any way.

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