How do We End the Stigma of Addiction Once and for All?

End the Stigma of Addiction

Addiction can happen to anyone from any walk of life. It is not something that only happens to the destitute and disadvantaged population. Society has a way of looking down on individuals who struggle with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. For some reason, people do not think that this can happen in their families or to their friends or any other loved ones. This is far from true. Addiction happens! And, for this reason, we should all ask ourselves, “How do we end the stigma of addiction once and for all?”

End the Stigma of Addiction

If we want to end the stigma of addiction, we must all practice more compassion and empathy in our daily lives. Addiction should not be a source of shame. It is not a moral failure on the part of the addict. Addiction is a serious health and mental disorder. And, it is something that needs understanding on everyone’s part. Families should not be ashamed of a family member who is struggling with addiction. Denying that there is a problem in your family with addiction is not helping your loved one. Addiction is something that needs to be acknowledged and not denied. 

Many families worry more about what society thinks and what their friends will say than what their addicted loved one needs. Families should come first above all else. Do what you can to help your addicted loved one without worrying about what others think and might say about your family.

The truth is, addiction touches everyone in the United States in one way or another. We all know someone who is struggling with addiction. It might be a family member, it might be a friend or a friend of a friend. But everyone knows someone whose life is changed because of addiction. In fact, it might be you who is struggling with the addiction and trying to hide it from others.

The Stigma of Addiction and Not Seeking Treatment

We have to end the stigma of addiction. This stigma can keep a person from asking for treatment for the simple reason that they don’t want to admit that they have an addiction. This should never happen in our society today. It takes courage to ask for help for addiction. Admitting that you have a substance abuse problem is the first step in returning to a life of productivity and health.

Individuals who live in small communities and areas where almost everyone knows everyone struggle with the stigma of addiction more often than people who live in larger cities. They try to hide the fact that they have an addiction problem because of the way they are stigmatized by the community. They often will not ask for help from an addiction treatment facility for this reason.

Addicts in Recovery Still Being Stigmatized

The really sad part of stigmatization is that many addicts who have gone through treatment for addiction and are now living in recovery are still labeled as “an addict.” They will never outlive their problems with addiction. Part of this is because of the lack of compassion and empathy. People should be happy and proud of the individual for overcoming their addiction. Instead, they want to constantly the person as “less than.” 

Don’t let the stigma of addiction stop you from seeking treatment in an addiction treatment facility. Awakenings Rehabilitation can help you return to a life of sobriety and productivity. You can even become a member of your community who helps others with addictions by telling them your story and helping them to see that there is no shame in having a problem with addiction. It can happen to anyone and does. Don’t worry about what others are thinking or saying when it comes to your health and wellbeing. The effects of discrimination because of addiction can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. We all need to strive to better understand addiction and not condemn it as has been done in years past. 

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