Packing List

What to Bring

  • Casual clothes (shorts, jeans, t-shirts, sweats)
  • Gym clothes, sneakers or running shoes (You‘ll have the opportunity to use the gym, participate in yoga, martial arts, one-on-one training, walking trails, etc)
  • We suggest you bring six days of clothing changes
  • Tennis shoes, shower flip-flops
  • Personal hygiene items (shampoo, soap, razors, etc)
  • Only clear bottled shampoo, No mouthwash with alcohol
  • Any product with alcohol listed in the first three ingredients will be confiscated
  • All personal hygiene items must be new with sealing and packaging intact (All items will be inspected at intake)
  • Headphone-equipped iPod, MP3 Player – No Wi-fi or Recording Devices
  • Personal reading material
  • Portable DVD players
  • Writing paper, envelopes, postage stamps
  • Swimsuit for the sauna and hot tub (One piece for women, no thongs, Speedos or over-exposure, etc)
  • Seasonal clothes
    (For the months of September-April ensure you bring winter clothes and for the months of May-October bring warm weather attire)
  • Indiana weather is unpredictable, please bring a jacket year round
  • You may bring your own pillow if you’d like
  • You must bring your driver’s license or state ID, social security card and insurance card
  • No aerosol cans are permitted
  • There is a limit of two suitcases per person

What Not to Bring

  • Game consoles
  • Dangerous tools
  • Electric razors
  • Mouthwash containing alcohol
  • Aspirin, Tylenol, etc
  • Over the counter drugs (Unless medically prescribed with a doctor’s note)
  • Stuffed animals or real live pets
  • Pornographic materials or items
  • iPod or MP3 players with internet access or camera
  • No food, beverages, candy or gum may be brought into the facility
  • Cigarettes (Must buy from the facility)
  • No Perfume or Cologne
  • Packages are not allowed to be sent to the center
    (If packages are sent, they will immediately be returned to the sender and not forwarded)

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