Drug addiction is a severe condition that is often misunderstood by both the users and their loved ones. It doesn’t have an easy solution either. People need to understand the dynamics of this disease to rid themselves of it or to help a loved one get their life back on track. Like anything else that is important in life, they’ll need to build a foundation of factual information about addictions to free themselves from their dependency on drugs.

Important Information on Addictions

AddictionsFor starters, there’s a huge misconception about those who are using drugs. Some speculate that they are morally bankrupt individuals, or even lack the will power needed to change their life around. Substance abuse cannot be so easily summed up. While it’s true that even first time users can be lead down the path of mental health issues, it doesn’t start out that way. A dependency on the drug occurs when the mind and body have grown accustomed to its presence.

In fact, this is considered a disease that compels the user to seek out their addicted substance, and often with little regard of obstacles in their way. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has documented this as a strong compulsion. These drugs work their way into the user’s physical and mental systems and take hold of their rational thought processes and actions.

Battling Dependency

When the user begins craving more of the substance, this is called addiction. Not all symptoms will be uniform either, nor will the problems that develop as a result. Here, the body is demanding more and more of the drug. It also begins a time cycle. With more use, the body will crave more of the substance and at shorter intervals. If they don’t answer these cravings, they’ll begin to have withdrawals. However, this is only one area where the dependency is taking hold.

The psychological triggers can stem from some causes. Levels of stress, trauma, and even certain environments associated with the drug can all impact the mental health of the user. These cravings are not only affecting the brain, but they are also sending signals to the body to follow suit. This combination is making it extremely difficult for the user to stop and is pushing them towards the drug even further as they attempt to cope.

Finding Help for Addictions

At this stage, it’s a tough road to gain independence from the drug, but one that is certainly achievable with professional help. Our program is focused on the individual’s own unique set of problems. The treatment takes aim at a few key areas. The first one is getting to the root causes of drug use in the first place. Next, we’ll battle the problems that have arisen directly from the drug addiction or addictions, and we’ll do it together. We’ll also develop a personalized program to keep the user from reentering the addiction in the future.

In the initial stage of treatment, the physical cravings are the first area to address. We’ll get the patient on a detox program that will remove the drugs from their system. Once the body is detoxed, we can begin work on the psychological aspects.

The counseling phase is done for the individual to identify the underlying causes of the drug addiction. It is also where a correct plan of action will be devised specifically for the individual needing help. We have a variety of tools, workshops, and lessons that will be uniquely arranged to create the best course of action for the individual.

In fact, we understand that everyone has their causes and triggers that are leading them down this path of self-destruction. Therefore, we also realize that a personalized solution is the only effective method of getting them back on track in life. Once the initial treatment is complete, we will also follow up with our successful aftercare program. This approach ensures that the individual remains on this correct path towards a long, fulfilling life ahead of them.

Sober Life and Aftercare Treatments

The aftercare program focuses on the transitional phase of recovery through a continuation of counseling. We understand that this is like learning how to walk all over again. That’s why we’ll be there every step of the way ensuring the individual has the tools and strategies necessary to handle all their new emotions. This attention to detail is a critical phase in the prevention of any new relapses towards the old addictions.

Again, addictions aren’t about a lack of morals, or not having the willpower to quit the habit. This is a disease that takes over the cognitive thought process and wreaks havoc on the body in the process. It requires the most professional of help to overcome this incredibly difficult roadblock in life. That’s where we step up.  We provide the tools, and support that is necessary to beat this. To learn more about our treatments, and general information concerning drug addictions, contact us today.

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