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What is the Purpose of an Aftercare Program Following Drug Rehab?

Recovery from addiction is a complex process that doesn’t end with detox and rehab.  It is a long-term commitment that a person faces anew each day.  The challenges are endless, and the individual in recovery needs all the support he or she can get.  For that reason, the purpose of aftercare is to help someone reintegrate into society and avoid […]

What are the Effects of Chronic Alcohol Abuse?

Drinking too much alcohol now and then probably won’t damage your health if you are in good physical condition. However, the effects of chronic alcohol abuse can be detrimental to your health, physically and mentally.  Heavy drinking can damage every organ in your body over a period of time. Alcohol is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant. Effects of Chronic […]

More Children Getting Sick From Edible THC Products

Poison control centers report a sharp increase in calls about children eating marijuana-infused chocolates, gummies, and brownies. This is happening especially in states where recreational marijuana use has been legalized.   Many of the children are as young as four or five years of age and don’t know what they’re consuming.  So, what do parents who use legalized marijuana need to […]

What Are the True Facts About Withdrawal and Detox?

Is the fear of withdrawal preventing you from getting the addiction treatment you need?  Are you listening to people who have tried detoxing on their own and had a terrible experience?  If so, you need to know the straight-up, true facts about withdrawal and detox. With this information, you can put your fears aside and begin your path to a […]

How to Have Fun Sober: It’s Not as Boring as You Think

One of the first things a person fears about getting sober is boredom.  Their preconceived notion that they will never have fun again keeps many people from seeking treatment.  It’s no surprise that they feel this way considering that our culture equates fun with drinking or drugs.  So, is it possible to have fun sober?  The answer is yes.  Millions […]

Is There a Connection Between Heroin Addiction and Rx Drugs?

Pharmaceutical companies began the aggressive marketing of opioids for pain relief in the 1990s.  Since then, thousands of people are treated for opioid misuse every day. To date, about 218,000 people have died from opioid-related overdoses.  However, we also need to look at the number of heroin deaths and overdoses as well.  It’s possible that many heroin users started out […]

Is the Scope of Alcohol Abuse in the US Getting Worse?

Alcohol use disorders (AUD) in the United States are on the rise during today’s challenging situation with COVID-19.  Of course, the scope of alcohol abuse was already at shockingly high levels before the virus came along.  For example, in a survey conducted by the NSDUH in 2018 shows that 86.3 percent of people over the age of 18 reported drinking […]

How do We End the Stigma of Addiction Once and for All?

Addiction can happen to anyone from any walk of life. It is not something that only happens to the destitute and disadvantaged population. Society has a way of looking down on individuals who struggle with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. For some reason, people do not think that this can happen in their families or to their friends or […]

Which is Best for Me, Inpatient or Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Now that the states are lessening the “Stay at Home” restrictions on citizens in the United States, people are trying to get back to business as usual. Today, individuals are going back to work with restrictions, and businesses are opening as well with restrictions. Now might be the time that you are thinking about getting into a treatment program for […]

What are Teens Saying About Their Reasons for Drug Abuse?

Despite the widespread campaigns to educate our youth about the dangers of substance abuse, far too many teens use drugs and alcohol today.  But, there are also millions of teens who don’t abuse substances.  So, what are the reasons for teen drug abuse and why do some teens experiment with drugs or alcohol while others refrain? Experts at the Center […]

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