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For many, the decision to enter a substance abuse treatment program has been a long time coming and finally with the support of family and friends, the day arrives. Joining programs for addiction is a crucial step towards full recovery. Our staff of experts will be counseling, teaching, and training the individual to adapt to the real world conditions without assistance from their substance of choice.

Programs for AddictionSubstance abuse treatment programs at Awakenings involves an assessment of emotional events that trigger a client’s response and the most effective treatment therapy for detoxing. The client will need to learn to release these triggers from their life to make space for healthier emotions and more enjoyable desires. Our treatment focuses on understanding the triggers, which for many are connected to emotional predicaments. The goal is to regain a healthy lifestyle, reinstate a feeling of well-being and learn to cope with daily tension.

The programs for addiction are built around daily interactions between our staff and the client learning about themselves to ensure full recovery without relapse. Building a bond of closeness and trust, helps our staff to determine if there are underlying health conditions that may have been overlooked. For this reason, our staff is licensed professionals who are qualified in recognizing health disorder symptoms along with substance abuse reactions. Their knowledge and experience provide a calming environment for the recovering client.

Recovery therapy involves transition as the client completes the program and prepares to move from our facility back among their family and friends. As they travel this new path, know that our staff is here to help complete the journey and that families are educated about the client’s departure from the substance abuse treatment program.

Types of Programs for Addiction Provided

When it comes to effectively vanquishing an addiction to drugs and alcohol, this is an effort that usually takes many different tools and approaches to accomplish it effectively.  An addiction to drugs and alcohol is a multi-faceted problem, and it is something that must be addressed by targeting the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects concurrently.

At Awakenings, it is understood that a multi-modality approach to addiction treatment is essential, and effectively utilizing a method of addressing addiction that takes into account all of the factors of substance abuse and all of the different possible pitfalls and traps of addiction is necessary for helping people to beat this habit for life.

Below are some of the treatment methods used at Awakenings to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of care they deserve:


Detoxification is the first step at Awakenings.  In this step, our clients will be able to experience:

  • Full monitoring at all times to stabilize and address withdrawal symptoms.
  • Education and briefing on drugs and alcohol, the effects they have on the body, and adverse results of both.
  • Medical address of all withdrawal symptoms and manifestations to make detox as painless and comfortable an experience as possible for the client.
  • Medication management to ensure that medicines that are needed are utilized.
  • Around-the-clock care and support included with natural methods for withdrawal pain relief.


Residential approaches are critical to recovery at Awakenings.  Through the residential services at the program, clients will receive:

  • A full evaluation to determine the exact needs of the patient.
  • Daily attendance in a wide variety of services and options ranging from group sessions.
  • The use of cutting-edge treatment methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and SMART Recovery, but also combined with traditional treatment methods such as the Twelve Steps, AA, and NA.
  • Utilizing many different recovery options and giving clients an opportunity to choose which is best for them.

Partial Hospitalization

The partial hospitalization at Awakenings does offer much of the same treatment as the residential and inpatient detox approaches.  With partial hospitalization, clients can take part in treatment programs for addiction for five days a week, up to six hours a day, for a total of thirty hours spent in therapy every week.  This approach is ideal for people who don’t need intensive treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Programs for Addiction

Much like the partial hospitalization approach, the intensive outpatient approach involves nine to twenty hours a week and is perfect for clients who desire to keep working or going to school while also getting the benefits that Awakenings offers.

Awakenings can offer many different kinds of recovery services and options to their clients, with the intention of making recovery available for everyone.  For more information, contact us at Awakenings today.

Care and Monitoring Around the Clock

The first stage of drug rehab is the most difficult. The patient will struggle through intense withdrawal symptoms. The effects can be unpredictable, especially for someone who has been addicted for a long time. In an inpatient facility, the patient is cared for around the clock. If the patient experiences severe symptoms, the medical staff is on hand to offer care right away to prevent the patient from injuring himself. Family members can have peace of mind that their loved one will be in the best of care 24 hours a day.

The Benefits of Treatment Programs for Addiction at Awakenings

Focus on Healing Without Distraction

Daily life can bring challenges to anyone. However, for someone who is going through rehabilitation, these current daily demands can become unbearable. In an inpatient setting, the patient is not distracted by these external demands. The rehab environment allows the patient to direct all of his energy into conquering his addiction. Without distractions, results can be achieved much faster.

No Temptation From Substances

One disadvantage of outpatient treatment programs for addiction is that once the patient leaves each session, he is again exposed to real temptations. He knows where to obtain his substances, and he is relying on his willpower to resist. For people who are just starting out on their recovery journey, this temptation often proves too strong for them, and they end up with a relapse. In inpatient programs, this temptation is removed. The risk of a relapse is negated because there is no way for the patient to obtain substances while he is still being treated.

Community Support

Going through rehab can be a lonely experience for the individual if he feels that no one understands his struggles. In  inpatient programs, the patient is provided with opportunities to support each other in a therapeutic community. This personal experience is particularly valuable as each patient relearns skills to socialize and be productive without drugs. This support helps the person gain confidence as his coping skills strengthen.

Awakenings offers a variety of programs that are individualized for each patient. The duration of the program will vary. The sooner treatment programs are sought, the sooner the individual can break out from the bondage of drug abuse and get on the road to recovery.

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