Aftercare and Transition Planning

We will provide the recovering addict with services for Community Support, Aftercare, and Transition Planning.  When it comes to triumphing over an addiction, a person needs all the support and guidance they can get.  Rehab is just that first step.

During our patients’ admission process, we help them create a plan for continued support through an aftercare program. These programs are essential for recovering addicts when they are in the process of transitioning from the secure environment of rehab to the rigors of the outside world.  Aftercare programs assist participants in obtaining employment, finding sober living residences, locating community resources and meetings, and much more.  All of this support and encouragement goes a long way in helping a person feel like they are not alone on this new path their life is taking.

Recovery is an ongoing process.  No one can set a specific date and expect that date to be the end of a person’s struggle with staying clean. Though a substance abuse difficulty might get worse for those who struggle with it, getting into rehab and addressing it there is the first step.  After this, they will absolutely need to continue to work on their now hard won recovery with planning.  This approach gives them the ongoing care and the peace of mind that they need to create safety and security and freedom from addiction for life.

There will be identification, recruitment, development, and referral to community services to support the needs of the patient to maintain, facilitate and empower an individual’s recovery. Coordination with community support is an essential component of services.

Discharge planning begins upon admission and recommended aftercare plans may include:

  • Aftercare Programs and Appointments
  • Community Resources and Counseling
  • Establishment of Routines, Hobbies, and Extra Curricular Activities
  • Support Systems/Peer Relationships
  • Support/Community Meetings
  • Sober Living and Employment

What is the Importance of Transition Planning?

Transition PlanningThe main idea behind the services offered with Community Support, Aftercare and Transition Planning is that a person is able to seek their peace of mind, stability, and abstinence from a substance abuse habit.  The goal is to give recovering addicts the tools they need to stay clean and sober for life.

When people are faced with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, they often wonder what to do about the problem and what kind of action they can take to effectively beat the habit once and for all.  It is true to say that drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse, in general, are destroying a person’s life and health a little more each day.  Without professional treatment, at some point, they may be in danger of losing their life from overdose or other complications.

Rehab is Just the First Step in Recovery

Many people believe that going to a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is all that is needed in beating addiction and in getting the right recovery tools and treatment approaches to triumph over addiction once and for all.  The truth of the matter is that beating addiction at a treatment center is only the first step and the first approach to freedom and abstinence that is necessary to fully and to completely tackle the problem for life.

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