Community/Milieu teaches recovering addicts how to become more involved in the community and it teaches them what they need to do to create stability and peace of mind for themselves and for their family members and loved ones.  This approach to therapy helps patients effect behavioral changes and also helps improve their psychological health for improved functioning in all aspects of their lives.

Therapeutic Groups Involved in Community/Milieu


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:  Helps a person understand the correlation between their thought patterns and their behavior. They learn how to identify negative thoughts and replace them with positive, life-affirming attitudes.
  • Mindfulness Sobriety:  Teaches patients how to connect with their thoughts and feelings in the moment, accept them, and then find ways to cope with challenging situations that might become overwhelming.
  • Alcoholics Annonymous and Narcotics Annonymous:  Guides patients into healthier thought processes covering a variety of topics such as humility, anger, compassion, patience, fear, and much more.

As an integral part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program, Community/Milieu can help a person learn how to react constructively to unexpected situations or problems.  This new behavior modification technique is a valuable tool in relapse prevention.

Importance of Addiction Treatment Programs

Substance abuse problems and difficulties are such that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are now considered to be the top concerns and top worries for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in this country, issues that absolutely do need to be addressed as soon as is possible.

Studies show that about twenty-three million Americans are addicted to drugs in this nation.  This is about thirteen percent of the population that is over the age of twelve.  Only about half a million receive treatment at a rehab center every year and only about a quarter million of those actually stay clean and sober for life.  About forty percent of those individuals seek treatment for alcohol abuse.  Twenty percent go into treatment for an addiction to opiates.  Seventeen percent go in for an addiction to marijuana.  The rest are there for addictions to meth, crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, synthetic drugs, hallucinogenics, etc.  The bottom line is that a lot of people go to addiction treatment centers, but the problem is still a very serious one that is steadily growing.

Drug and alcohol abuse is getting worse and worse in this country, a truth which can be seen from the above facts and statistics. When people consider the difficulties of addiction, they need to be thinking more proactively about what they can do to address it as opposed to just getting distressed over the statistics.

There is no doubt that the best way to address drug and alcohol addiction is with the help of a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program.  With the help of a treatment center, anyone who is addicted to anything can find their way to freedom from even the most unpleasant and the most difficult of addiction issues.

Learn more about Community/Milieu by calling our toll-free number today.  One of our experts is available to answer your questions or assist you in choosing a treatment program for yourself or a loved one.

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