Anger Management Issues

Anger is a common byproduct of drug and alcohol addiction and is something that people consistently experience when they are also struggling with an addiction. The unfortunate truth here is that this is an ongoing issue, and people are more likely to suffer if they also have addiction problems than if they don’t. Anger management programs can help to get the individual back to their normal self though.

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are a skyrocketing crisis that affects the entire country on a pretty significant level, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, people who become addicted to drugs and alcohol also end up having other problems such as self-awareness issues, physical and mental health concerns, and other difficulties. They struggle with things like depression, grief, anxiety, and many other emotions on top of that. They face all kinds of challenges, and they develop some terrible habits as a result.  Realistically, this is a very upsetting issue to have to deal with, and unfortunately, people do have to deal with it all too often.

All of these mixed emotions and health issues will no doubt cause a person to feel angry or hopeless.  This is why we offer an Anger Management group at Awakenings.  We want our clients to develop self-control measures that will help them manage their anger and avoid spiraling into relapse.

About Anger Management

Anger ManagementThe goal for patients is controlling their anger and not letting their anger control them.  It provides positives to fill in the old unhealthy negative. Clients will become aware that anger is not an answer to anything and it is what they do with their anger that shapes the result.  Patients will be able to identify that anger just calls out an emotional message.

Addiction is a Complex Issue

Lots of different factors and concerns comprise drug and alcohol addiction, and people all across the country experience various difficulties and problems in the form of substance abuse.  In the nation today, drug and alcohol addiction is a much more problematic issue than it was fifteen years ago.  One way or the other, the struggles inherent with substance abuse differ with each person. To adequately address the problem, a treatment program should target the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects involved.  In this way, the whole person heals and is more likely to avoid relapse by utilizing the skills learned in rehab.

Substance abuse is a tricky prospect.  Drug and alcohol addiction is a growing crisis for so many, and they feel as though there is just no way out.  When it comes to addressing substance abuse as it currently stands in this country, it becomes a matter of not only educating the nation about this issue and rehabilitating all who are addicted, it also becomes a matter of helping people with the other problems and difficulties that they are faced with on top of addiction.  One such problem is that of anger management.

Addressing Anger with Anger Management

All too often when people suffer from an affliction, they try to handle the actual affliction itself as opposed to addressing the cause of the affliction.  When they don’t get at the reason, they are just wasting their time overall.  This is also the case when people struggle with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is also the case when people struggle with anger management.  This is to say that people with anger problems who also have addictions need to address the addiction first, or the anger problems will never actually go away.

An addiction to drugs and alcohol is the cause of about ninety percent of a person’s anger problems.  While it is true that they may have struggled with anger before, odds are it was not anywhere near as bad as it is now that they have a drug problem too.  Addiction takes all negative aspects and traits of a person to the next level of difficulty and hardship.  When people struggle with such a habit, they need to go to rehab for both the addiction and the anger management issue too.

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