Nutritional Healthy Living

Our nutritional guidance program teaches clients how to make healthy choices not only in their diet but other aspects of their lives as well.  While in our care, our clients enjoy well-balanced, healthy meals to help restore their physical well-being.  They also learn to choose the right foods for preparing nutritious meals for themselves and their families when they exit our program.  As part of our comprehensive plan, the nutritional healthy living module seeks to heal the whole person, not just stop the addiction.

Benefits of Nutritional Healthy Living Programs

Nutritional Healthy LivingWhen we examine the general health and prosperity of the American people, we do see a mixed picture.  Although humans are living longer than they used to, there are a lot of risks to our health that were not present centuries, or even decades, ago.  Also, many people have extended lifespans that are more of a result of better quality of living, better shelter, easier work lives, and other factors as opposed to being more healthy in general.

As a consequence of all of the bad habits and the terrible health choices of modern-day Americans, it’s no wonder we have so many medicine cabinets full of pills.  The United States is the only country in the entire world that spends more money on medicine than it does on food as a nation, and that says something about the health condition of the country.  Studies show that an unhealthy diet can lead a person to seek something to make them feel better.  Some people choose alcohol; others choose drugs.

So, with all of this in mind, Is it possible to help people overcome their addictions by educating and guiding them into a healthier approach to eating and living?  At Awakenings, we say, yes, it is possible.  We’ve seen it work with our clients day after day.  A healthy mind and body is a great combination when it comes to resisting unhealthy substances such as drugs or alcohol.

How Rehabilitation Can Help

In addition to the people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction in this country, there are family members and loved ones who are also affected.  There are twenty-three million Americans who are hooked on drugs and alcohol, and there are another one-hundred million or more Americans who count themselves as close family members and loved ones of struggling addicts.  All in all, this is a very unhealthy problem for the entire country with more than a third of the whole nation’s population now at the mercy of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in general.

One crucial aspect of teaching our clients about nutritional healthy living is that they are armed with the valuable knowledge that not helps them avoid relapse, but this knowledge can be passed on to friends and family members as well.  Everyone benefits.

Let Awakenings Help You Make the Change

Evidence shows that drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse, in general, is a serious issue. Though substance abuse is indeed a complicated problem for those who experience it, this is a habit and a problem that has caused much concern and worry for many, not just those who abuse substances.  Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction now rank as being the leading causes of poor health and preventable death in the nation, third only to smoking and then obesity.

An approach to drug and alcohol addiction at an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is the best option for beating their habit.  An inpatient addiction treatment program can heal a person from a chemical perspective and from a psychological perspective too.  With inpatient rehab, people experience physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, and enjoy lasting recovery. To learn more about nutritional healthy living, or for more information about addiction treatment programs, call our toll-free number today.

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