Spirituality and Healing

Understanding the meaning of spirituality is hard for some people because it isn’t something you can see or hear or feel. Spirituality is a state of mind that occurs with or without religious preferences involved. Spirituality is described by some as a deep connection with a higher purpose, but not necessarily a specified deity. A person can feel spiritual when they watch a sunrise, or walk in nature, or hear a baby laugh. It provokes feelings of awe and hope about life and the wonders of the universe. Sadly, many drug addicts lose this sense of wonder and become spiritually depleted. For this reason, Awakenings Rehabilitation offers patients an opportunity to reconnect with their spirituality.

How Spirituality Aids in Addiction Recovery

SpiritualityThese groups support individuals who choose to create a life “free” from addiction through the practice of spiritual laws and principles. Addiction creates a life of isolation causing an individual to become disconnected from life. Spirituality facilitates the process of becoming reconnected and developing a healthy relationship with yourself and with whatever form of Higher Power is right for you. This group focuses on how values and beliefs drive core functions that determine behaviors. Each group member works to acknowledge their own values and to align behaviors with personal values and beliefs.

Spirituality aids in addiction recovery in a variety of ways:

  • Provides stress relief
  • Helps a person gain peace of mind
  • Gives a sense of meaning and hope
  • Raises self-esteem and confidence levels
  • Provides a foundation for deep relationships
  • A real source of strength during times of weakness or fear
  • Helps a person feel that they are not alone in their struggles

Individuals who are attuned to their spirituality describe it as a holy or sacred state of mind. It exists outside the material world beyond what can be measured or counted. Despite the aura of mystery surrounding spirituality, it remains as one of the most vital aspects of our humanity.

Importance of Treatment in Restoring the Spiritual Side

Our addiction treatment program combines a variety of activities, classes, and counseling sessions that are designed to heal a person physically, mentally, and spiritually. We offer a supportive, secure environment along with skilled, compassionate staff. Furthermore, we allow patients the opportunity to take part in creating the program that best suits their needs and preferences. For instance, patients can choose traditional or faith-based groups during treatment.

All in all, our program is structured to help patients understand the causes of their addiction and gain the skills and confidence to function in daily life as a sober person. Each day, patients attend group or individual counseling sessions, participate in activities, and enjoy nutritious meals.

Healing the Mind and Body Together

Addiction is more than a physical issue. It involves a variety of emotional, mental, environmental, and spiritual aspects as well. At Awakenings, we understand the complexities of addiction and have created a program that addresses each aspect of addiction simultaneously. In this way, we provide a complete healing process that does much more than treat the physical symptoms. Through years of working with addicts, we have gained a wealth of knowledge about the underlying causes of addiction. Therefore, we know what works and what doesn’t. Testimonials from former patients are available proving that our approach is very effective.

If you are seeking a detox and rehab program that allows you to explore your spirituality during treatment, call us today.

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