Music Exploration and Art Therapy

Music exploration and art therapy. Drug and alcohol abuse can have devastating effects on a person’s self-esteem and confidence. In fact, many recovering addicts struggle with feelings of guilt or shame. Because of this, our goal at Awakenings is to help people regain their sense of self-worth, thus enabling them to enjoy socializing once again.

One method we utilize for helping patients gain confidence and improve sociability is our Music Exploration and Art Therapy program. Music has been proven to be an excellent tool for inducing relaxation, increasing socialization, and improving motivation among people who are struggling with addiction problems.

How Music Exploration Helps Recovering Addicts

Music Exploration and Art TherapyThe skill of creative self-expression is beneficial to recovering addicts in a variety of ways. For example, music can help addicts re-evaluate themselves which in turn leads to a greater understanding of why they experimented with drugs. In this way, they learn about the triggers that need to be avoided to prevent relapse.

Some of the benefits of being actively involved with music include the following:

  • Heightened awareness
  • Improved motivation
  • Better communication skills
  • Deeper emotional understanding
  • Reduced anxiety, anger, fear, frustration, stress, boredom, loneliness
  • Promotes relaxation and reflection
  • Improved self-confidence and creativity
  • Learning a new hobby or skill such as singing, writing songs, or playing an instrument
  • Helps release pent-up frustration, aggression, or other negative emotions

As part of a comprehensive program of skills training and counseling, Music Exploration is a proven method for helping recovering addicts focus on a goal other than drugs or alcohol. For many individuals, it is a crucial aspect in their ability to maintain sobriety.

Activities Available in Music Exploration and Art Therapy Groups

Experts agree that music provides an excellent outlet for expressing emotions that might otherwise contribute to relapse in recovering addicts. When a person actively participates in music-oriented group sessions, it helps them build trust and confidence in their interactions with others. This skill will be a valuable tool after rehab when the individual attempts to reintegrate into society.

Some of the activities included in our Music Exploration and Art Therapy groups encourage patients to:

  • Improvise on several different instruments to stimulate creativity
  • Use music composition or songwriting to express emotions
  • Engage in discussions about song lyrics and how they relate to addiction problems

Furthermore, many patients have formed bands and performed at different functions in the facility. It’s not surprising to note that some individuals have discovered a talent they didn’t know they possessed. This discovery gives them something to focus on and strive to continue after leaving the facility.

Music is More than Just Entertainment

Music therapy is a valuable supplement to a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Various programs such as mental health facilities, correctional facilities, psychiatric hospitals, and schools utilize music therapy and report satisfying results. Furthermore, music therapy has beneficial effects in treating extreme trauma and pain.

Many recovering addicts struggle with “mental fog” or unclear thinking when they first become sober. Music can help the person focus and improves their level of concentration.  Another beneficial tool used in recovery is meditation. However, many people aren’t familiar with the process and have difficulty focusing. For this reason, music is an excellent addition to the meditation process because it helps a person relax mentally and physically.

Benefits of Art Therapy at Awakenings

At Awakenings Rehabilitation, we utilize the most proven and current approaches to therapy available today. Music Exploration is only part of an extensive range of options that are geared to help you achieve lasting recovery.  One such option is our Art Therapy program.  In addition to the creativity explored using various art mediums, a person also finds an outlet for expressing pent up emotions that they can’t seem to vocalize.

Whether the patient chooses painting, sketching, pottery, or any other visual art method, the benefits are outstanding.  Not only does the person learn to relax, focus, and create something to be proud of, they also gain a sense of self-awareness.  Some of the patients discover a hidden talent they were unaware of and look forward to exploring their new talent even further when they leave the program and return home.

You can obtain more information about our Music Exploration and Art Therapy programs, or our other program options, by calling our toll-free number today.

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