Responsibility is defined as “the quality or state of being responsible such as moral, legal, or mental accountability, reliability, and trustworthiness.

Ultimately, each choice we make has consequences that affect our future. Fortunately, many of us learn how to recognize the impact of our choices and use that information to make better decisions in the future. However, addiction robs a person of the ability to make good choices. Fortunately, these individuals can re-learn valuable life skills in our inpatient program.

Understanding Responsibility in Recovery

ResponsibilityAt Awakenings Rehabilitation, we offer our patients a plan that helps them develop the skills to recognize a problem and how to take action to correct it. This strengthens a person’s ability to accept personal responsibility for their addiction problems and formulate plans to avoid substance abuse for a lifetime.

Our Responsibility program is designed to help addicts understand that responsibility is about accountability, effort, and action on their part. It does not involve placing blame or being angry.

Breaking Away from Traps and Patterns

Addiction is often the result of someone attempting to self-medicate depression, loneliness, illness, or other physical and emotional issues. Rather than asking for help, the person reaches for drugs or alcohol as a source of solace. However, as a patient in our program, these individuals learn how to break these patterns and find the courage to ask for help. This is a big step in the direction of taking personal responsibility.

Accepting personal responsibility requires a significant willingness to work towards creating positive change in your life. At times it will be uncomfortable adjusting to a different way of behaving or thinking. For this reason, our inpatient program is structured to help you develop an effective plan for remaining clean.

Also, our Responsibility program offers patients a positive, structured environment where they can focus on learning new techniques for managing their behaviors.

Some of the methods we use to help you break away from old patterns include:

  • Learning to recognize and understand your actions and triggers
  • Sharing stories or tips with others who are experiencing the same issues
  • Discussing your life challenges with professionals helps you focus on areas that need change
  • Resolving to take action to make these changes a reality

Options for an Individualized Program

In addition to the Responsibility course, our inpatient program offers a variety of options that allow you to create an individualized program.

Some of the options you can incorporate into your personal program include:

Specifically, inpatient rehab is highly recommended for addiction recovery because it works to heal a person physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Today, hundreds of former addicts are living productive, drug-free lifestyles after attending one of our programs.

If you would like to know more about inpatient treatment or our Responsibility program, please contact us today. One of our representatives will be available to provide any information or assistance you need.

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